Sunday, November 10, 2019

FogPanel - Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

FogPanel, a comprehensive Cloud Service Management and Governance platform to Orchestrate, Manage, Monitor and Track Usage across your Hybrid Cloud environments. FogPanel allows enterprises and service providers to precisely control IT resource usage and yet allow finer user self-service to automate cloud resources from a central control system.

Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions from FogPanel

Rapid cloud adaption across enterprises has led to the need to have robust hybrid cloud solutions to satisfy diverse user base. Typically, enterprises are looking at least two cloud environments and services to improve the solutions delivery across diverse business users, partners and customers and also to avoid “cloud lock-in”.

FogPanel, the Hybrid Cloud Service Management and Governance platform, is a comprehensive Business operations, Analytics and Monitoring suite that works with private and public Infrastructure-as-a-service clouds. It acts as an aggregation, monitoring and customization point for common Cloud services from a broad range of ecosystem with advanced managed services unique to each offering.

By providing an elastic cloud computing configuration, FogPanel makes it easier to operate your own virtualized cloud datacenter in a most cost effective and flexible way. FogPanel lets you manage private and public cloud environments or any virtualized datacenter, with tens of thousands of servers across geographically distributed locations through a linearly scalable, centralized management server. FogPanel also provides support for a wide range of hypervisors such as KVM, Xen, VMware as well as operating systems such as CentOS, RHEL, SUSE, Ubuntu, and Windows.

Hybrid Cloud Resource Monitoring Solutions from FogPanel

Its well known that cloud provides unmatched flexibility, scalability and availability. Business enterprises nowadays concurrently use multiple cloud service providers or multiple infrastructure (IaaS) providers for different workloads. Monitoring such MultiCloud environments becomes a real challenge.

FogPanel helps you to overcome this challenge by providing you with a centralized dashboard from where you can monitor all your cloud resources running across multicloud environments. The hybrid cloud resource monitoring solution from FogPanel is transparent with Cloud Service Provider’s monitoring tools and can be integrated with existing enterprise monitoring systems.

FogPanel monitors the cloud IaaS environment for billing and usage analytics purposes at predetermined intervals so chargeback could be done for VMs, network, storage and other cloud resources at a granular level. Fully automated and advanced level web based resource monitoring is integrated within the admin and end user panel which makes life easier for them, as they can monitor their VMs or the entire hybrid cloud resources from a single point.

Our hybrid cloud resource monitoring solutions ensures that your business-critical applications hosted on the cloud are performing at optimal levels; and can detect and resolve problems in a timely manner. Stay on top of issues with various out-of-the-box reports, graphical views, alarms, thresholds and comprehensive fault management capabilities, you can ensure your vital cloud resources are continually operational.

Unified Chargeback Solutions from FogPanel

Every IT infrastructure is different and managing multi-cloud environments can be substantially more complex than any other traditional IT or data infrastructures. The first challenge for any accounts team or finance team is to understand and identify how your team’s infrastructure changes are affecting your budget. Finance teams need to understand on what your company is spending throughout the month or a finance quarter, which will give them a complete visibility into all of your company’s cloud spending.

The unified chargeback system of FogPanel provides you with a more automated approach to managing cloud costs. FogPanel’s unified chargeback system provides you with a centralized view of all your cloud spending with granular data and budgeting options for the various accounts and projects running across multi-cloud environments. This makes it easy for you to analyse and understand your team’s spending on cloud resources running across hybrid cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, OpenStack, CloudStack and other clouds which helps you towards a decision making or strategy planning process.

Cost Budgeting Solutions from FogPanel

Creating a budget for cloud infrastructure can be challenging as cloud’s pay per use model entails that costs can vary extensively from one day to the next. What makes these services even more complex are the granularity of the services, and how the services interact with other services, including any service and application dependencies. Another major challenge happens to be untagged cloud resources, which results in lack of segmentation between different departments, applications and projects within an organization. The lack of an accurate cloud usage tracking and budgeting system means little visibility into past usage of cloud resources, cost information, and future trends that needs to be proactively addressed. Therefore organizations need to monitor all costs closely to ensure that overall budgets aren’t exceeded and fall within the allocated limits.

FogPanel’s budgeting options help you to allocate budgets for your various projects running across multiple cloud environments and also to track the usage and generate consumption reports drilling down into aggregated cost data through filters. This also enables in more efficient management and tracking of cloud usage, reduced cloud costs by over 30% and enhanced cost clarity and transparency across the organization.

FogPanel’s budgeting controls helps you to analyze and forecast cloud costs across public and private clouds for current and future cloud applications. You can also implement showback and chargeback reporting with excellent graphs and charts. Further, you can enable email notifications to the budgets that are triggered when the actual or forecasted costs exceed a given threshold limit.